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Cambridge Skin Code MesoHair is a peptide serum created for reinforcement of hair bulbs to prevent hair loss.

CSC MesoHair is recommended treatment of nonandrogenic alopecia and other hair conditions. Increasing microcirculation to hair follicles and restores bioessentials critical for hair growth.


CSC MesoHair can be used to repair hair prematurely damaged by environmental irritants (sun, pollution, diet, medication, etc.), to stimulate healthy hair growth, to treat female hair loss, to eliminate dandruff and seborrhoea, to create a healthy environment for hair transplants, to treat thin and/or devitalized hair, to reduce grey hair.


Can be used in all areas of excessive hair loss, areas of alopecia, areas where hair is thin or sparse.

Cambridge Skin Code MesoHair 10x5ml

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