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Cambridge Skin Code MesoLift is a lifting serum designed to improve elasticity and firmness of skin and reduce appearance of wrinkles. Contains hexapeptide which acts like botulinum toxin relaxing wrinkles.


Cambridge Skin Code MesoLift is recommended for prevention of skin atonia in young and mature skins, increasing firmness of skin prematurely damaged by sun, smoking, pollution etc., for reversing sagging skin following skin following weight changes (diet, pregnancy, liposuction etc.) and increasing natural glow of the skin.


• Ideal for people over 45 with visible wrinkles

• Can be used in women and men

• For all types of skin

• For treatment of sagging skin due to lack of elasticity, firmness

• Hyperpigmentation

• Pale skin colour and “tired” skin appearance

• Lifting the skin of breast and décolletage


All areas with visible effects of aging. Loss of skin elasticity and firmness, skin fatigue, fine, medium and deep wrinkles. Can be applied to face, crow’s feet, vertical lip lines and lips contour, neck, décolletage, hands and other areas as needed.

Avoid eyelids or under eye areas.

Cambridge Skin Code MesoLift 10x5ml

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